Tafelmusik – Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed last night’s absolutely marvellous performance!  The use of dialogue, photos and music was so engaging.  Coming from Toronto, I love the calibre of the performers you bring to Kelowna and I marvel at the value you provide for us, annual subscribers.  I wonder how many realize what we would pay for these experiences if we lived in the big cities?  Please pass along my remarks to your Board and other volunteers and tell them just how much my wife and I and so many others appreciate all that they do.  S.

I think the theatre is just the right size, the acoustics are good and the people well behaved (no coughing etc.).  The music and visuals were very good and “entertaining”. I liked the moving around of the musicians rather than the usual static .  The whole was well organized and Kelowna can be proud of this event.  J.

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