Protege Profile: Anjuli Dynna ~ CMK Arnold Draper Fund for Young Artists

Chamber Music Kelowna’s Arnold Draper Fund for Young Artists, which is being established at the Central Okanagan Foundation, was recently created to assist young musicians who are pursuing a career in classical music. Mr. Draper has dedicated countless hours as teacher, coach and performing colleague to many young and emerging artists from the Okanagan. 

We’re pleased to bring you the first of our “Protege Profiles”, which will highlight some of the artists with whom Mr. Draper has worked over the years.

These profile articles will provide insight into the far-reaching positive impact Arnold has had on the subjects’ lives and careers, allowing a glimpse into how his love for music and a nurturing spirit have resulted in friendship and artistic excellence.

Protege Profile: Anjuli Dynna (Otter)

Born and raised in the Okanagan, violinist Anjuli Dynna (Otter) has spent the last 25 years pursuing a vibrant musical career. She enjoys teaching and performing, both locally and internationally, having played with the OSO, Kamloops Symphony Orchestra, Mozart Symphony Orchestra, and the Symphony Orchestra of India. Her musical endeavours have taken her to India, South America and Sweden.

Asked about her time studying with Arnold Draper, Ms. Dynna writes:

“I first met Arnold when I was studying my Grade 10 Royal Conservatory for violin. My violin teacher introduced us as I was in need of an accompanist. I was a new driver, barely 17, and would drive from Vernon, BC to Arnold and Arlene’s beautiful home in Kelowna. It took just a few rehearsals together to find out that we shared more than our love for music in common. Arnold and Arlene opened up their hearts and home to me; most rehearsals were followed with lovely English tea, and as the time progressed even a game of bridge or two.

Some of the highlights of my time with Arnold include hearing him share his early years as an accompanist in Britain; getting the giggles and being unable to keep playing; or, the time we drove to Silverton, BC together for music camp and laughed the entire way! 

As for the music, I can honestly say that my musical abilities were enhanced beyond measure as a result of my time with Arnold. I have never worked or performed with anyone like him. His sensitivity, nuance and incredible ear taught me so much about the art of chamber music. 

Arnold and I continued to perform together throughout my Grade 10 and ARCT exams as well as Provincial competitions and local performances.  Arnold has always been a support musically, but more importantly as a friend. He remains one of my dearest to this day, and he never misses my birthday!”

Anjuli Dynna has returned to the Okanagan after 2 years in Saskatchewan to raise her family; she looks forward to the return of public performances and reconnecting with the Okanagan classical music community.

Watch for more Protege Profiles in future editions of our Newsletter.

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